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Avast Backup and Restore Apk Download

Avast Mobile Backup And Restore Apk Download is the latest App for android & iOS. Avast Backup Apk is the App by using it, You can Backup your all data and Restore it after any error or problem. This is the Good smooth, and lite app for Android.

Avast Mobile Backup is a tool for backing up your Android so you can keep your most important files safe. However, in order to backup your applications, audio and video files, you will need the PRO version (paid version).

You can use Avast Mobile Backup in two ways: either by setting the backups to run automatically, ideally every week, or manually, whenever you want.

Thanks to this procedure, you give a fresh level of security to your text messages, files and documents that are stored in your Android terminal, which have increasingly become used as ‘digital notebooks’.

Avast Mobile Backup App is a very useful tool for those of you who want to backup the important material on your Android handsets.

By using Avast Backup Premium APK your Android phone and tablet. Otherwise, all your accumulated contacts, music, videos, family photos, and other personal (irreplaceable) data are dangerously kept on a device with only temporary life. Back them up to secure, cloud-based servers, so you can relax about theft and/or accidental damage (e.g. a spilled cup of coffee).

The Avast Mobile Backup app can backs up you data given below:
  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • Call logs
  • Photos
  • Videos (premium)
  • Apps (premium)

Avast Backup Mobile Backup is a free Android backup solution provided by the makers of the top-rated and award-winning free Avast Mobile Backup Security app with antivirus and anti-theft.

Avast Backup Premium APK is FREE, but if you would like to backup also music, video, and apps, then you need to buy the Avast Backup Premium version (can be done later, from within the free version). Now save 58% on a 1-year license of Avast Mobile Backup Premium Apk– ends October 1st!


  • Avast Backup Premium APK And Restore automatically backs up your Android data, with various settings as to when you want it to backup – e.g. on a specific day/time (by default once per day), after a call, after SMS received, after an app is installed, after device start, whenever plugged in, or whenever connected to WiFi.
  • Your backed up data can then later be browsed and/or restored (with optional PIN protection) either directly from the backed up Android device, or from a different Android device (e.g. if you purchase a new phone and want to transfer contacts and SMS/call history from your old one).
  • Contacts and SMS/call logs are backed up to your personal AVAST Account (which can be used also to manage AVAST security software on all your devices, including PC and Mac).
  • Photos are backed up to Google Drive due to data size, so you need a Google account for Avast Backup Premium use.
  • Install Avast Backup APK for Android today – totally free. (Currently available only in English.)

Size : 4.8M
Current Version : 1.0.6913
Requires Android : 2.2 and up

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