Showbox Not Working

Showbox not working?

With the advancement in technology and the improved use of the Internet, there is no doubt that the Showbox app has gained popularity in the past few years. However, there are some obvious situations such as cache issues or bug problems that can cause malfunction and result in the interruption of the Showbox app. In such a case, you need to follow some instructions
This can help you cope with the various situations that usually arise Showbox not working.


Showbox not working? It’s one of the most popular apps when it comes to video streaming applications. It’s popular among young people because it’s free and you don’t have to register your account to watch videos or movies. Plus, it doesn’t leave you with unnecessary ads, it has a smooth UI (user interface), and you can even download a movie to watch it later. Despite all these charming features, the Showbox does not work properly at times and displays a message such as the URL is not found, server access is denied, video is not available. Etc., if you face such issues in the Android Showbox, don’t worry. The app, as we are here to guide you in ways that will quickly resolve these errors.


As most of you know, the shoeboxes are run by some Russian developers, and the content they mostly play or allow us to download is shared on or Although with the new Russian cyber laws, most of their links and sites are knocked down by the authorities. Their app works properly as they cross the barrier between different servers without informing the user.

But in the middle of a show, we get caught up in buffering and refreshing messages that may find out that this content is not available or ends with the non-working Showbox app for Android devices.

But we have come to resolve this issue. All you have to do is follow our step-by-step guide. Showbox 5.36 for Android APK to fix any issues with different server connections.

Learn more about the Showbox app:

It’s a fun entertainment app that lets you stream TV shows, movies, and other online channels without having to spend a lot of time buffering. The app is designed to present viewers with a great deal of clarity and enjoyment. Inside your small smartphone, you can use this app for free. As previously stated, the Showbox app is an important platform to enjoy watching TV shows and movies.

It is also available for iOS and Android users. The Showbox app doesn’t matter which smartphone you have, you can install the app on the device and enjoy watching the show at any time. It’s packed with lots of features that you can download and let yourself get closer to family fun. Check out how to fix the Showbox on the error below.

Deleting with different errors of Showbox not working;


The Showbox is widely known for the flexibility and features it offers, unlike other phones. Once you install the Showbox app version on your mobile, there are some possibilities when you can’t really enjoy watching TV shows or movies, causing the ‘shoebox to work’ error Have closed. ‘

1. Correcting the Showbox update is not a fault in working.

Occasionally, you may make a mistake in starting to say that the Showbox has stopped working or been removed from the Play Store due to unmanaged performance. This online app is known for being the ideal entertainment that lets you enjoy watching TV shows and movies.

Solution: In case you are experiencing this type of error, then you need to restart your modem or contact the Internet again.

showbox not working

2. Fix Showbox Video Not Available Error:

This is often a problem you may be facing for which the solution may vary depending on the device you have. You are advised not to install movies from sites like Toronto as the shoeboxes contain great storage of movies and shows. When watching any video, if you experience an error saying that this video is not available, then here are some important points you need to follow.


  • Install the latest version of the Showbox app
  • Open the app and see if the Showbox has stopped working,
  • In the settings option, select the apps and click on the Showbox and clear the cache and reinstall it.
  • Choose the movie you want to watch and click the ‘Watch’ button.
  • 3. The Fix Showbox has stopped working on Windows:
  • In the past, we learned to make a mistake in working on the Showbox, if your app opens and the video doesn’t
  • play, the above steps may be helpful, but if you’re not able to get the app on your PC or Windows So you need the process below. Steps:




  • Reinstall the Showbox app
  • Run the android emulator
  • There is an option for Tine which will pop up, click on it
  • Hover your cursor over the settings option and select App Manager
  • An image will also appear with this message asking if you want to select the Showbox app
  • Click on the Showbox app and permanently delete it.
  • Then install the latest version of the app that is Apk V 4.04
  • In the Download option, you will find the latest version
  • Install it and you can enjoy TV shows and movies again
  • 4. Fix the Showbox app cache error:
  • There are chances that you may experience a cache error if you do not have to use the app for a long time.
  • This can often cause the app to crash and it won’t work. At such times, you need to follow the steps below.


  • On your device, go to the Settings option and check the “General” category
  • Select Application Manager and select All Applications or All Options
  • Click on the “Showbox” app that you will find and tap on the list
  • Then find the “Showbox” app from the list and select the “Clear Cache” button
  • If you experience such problems often, it is best to contact the support team. If you still have trouble with the
  • Showbox application, download the MovieBox APK, which is a great alternative to watching movies and TV shows on your device.
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