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Download the Showbox official app for Android, iOS, desktop, and Mac

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Movie streaming had reached new with the introduction of mobile. However, watching movies using your Android, or iOS smartphone can be a $$ pain. Don’t worry anymore! We’ve got you covered – Introducing the Showbox official – a free app that lets you watch and download movies and TV series from your mobile device!


Download the Showbox app for Android, iOS, desktop, and Mac

Turn any place into your personal theater with Showbox official movies for PC!

2016 has been an important event for the film industry. Successful films such as Suicide Squad at the box office and now you see May 2, as well as films receiving critical acclaims, such as LaLaland and The Girl on the Train, were equally successful, something for everyone.

2017 has just begun, but it looks as good as its predecessor in the films Fifty Shades Darker and Logan. This year is set to be especially prominent for the EXT and Superhero movie franchises, including several exciting films such as Ghost in the Shell and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, to be released this year.


To see all of these movies and more, you can download movies to your computer to watch this and more from our extensive collection of Showbox movies. The ShowBox PC app is a great way to help you watch movies on the comfort of your own home,

free from the dangers of virtual evil such as buffering and pirate fears. It is ensured that the movies are of the highest quality so you do not miss being in the theater while experiencing the Showbox movie downloader.


Watch High Definition Movies 100% Free

When you go to download the Showbox official app, you can watch movies online. On the other hand, movies can be downloaded to your mobile phone and can be viewed at your convenience.

Watch High Definition Movies 100% Free

One of the reasons people are slowly, but surely, starting to stop the more popular public websites and apps that allow their users to watch videos and view other recorded visual content,

Videos are in very poor quality. They are clumsy and blurry, not to mention that they take almost forever to load and then immediately after a few seconds. Stay put. Even the sound quality is sometimes not good enough to provide the best viewing experience.


Even if any of these sites somehow managed to equalize the resolution and sound quality of their videos, it would only cover short videos falling into the 5-minute category. Movies that are usually hours long,

have a whole other trial and they take a long time to load, and yet, there are plenty of uploaders of the same content, you need to know. It will take time for what is better.


Developers pay special attention to offering a simple and user-friendly interface. The novice will also be able to choose the movie of his choice and can be played easily. 10,000 movie libraries are accessible through the app. The library will be updated on a regular basis. You can find movies by rating them with shows and updates.

How to get the Showbox app?

Get the version base on your platform! Available on Android, iOS and PC versions.

Get Showbox for Android
Get Showbox for iOS / iPhone
Get Shoeboxes for desktop PCs
Get the Showbox for Mac OS

How to get the Showbox app and download pc ios and android
Showbox app download

You can also manage the app on iOS-based devices. We’ve also included the installation process when you select the Showbox for iOS downloads so you can install the app successfully without worry. After installation, you should see the Showbox icon displayed on the home screen.

Now, tap on it and start watching your favorite movies and TV series using the app. Watch in HD and standard, well depending on how fast your internet connection is. However, you can read the complete instructions on installing each app base on the platform on each page above.

Who is using the Showbox?

Note that we are the only legitimate Showbox app website, our app has been downloaded more than a million times on our download counter, our popularity has been growing fast over the last two years! We have the latest and latest updates to cope with the latest technology trends on mobile.

Who is using the Showbox

Showbox running on PC

If you would like to download and run the Showbox app on your computer, we can help you with this. Just install an Android emulator like Blue Stacks and KOPLear, which can both be downloaded for free. In the process, you will have a virtual Android OS installed on your desktop PC and that is how you get the show box on the PC.

Showbox running on PC
Showbox running on PC

Is it safe to download the Showbox?


It is safe to download the Showbox on your Android or iOS-based phone. The app can also be installed on macOS. If you want to install Blistex on your computer or Mac, link it to a Gmail account.

If the installation is complete

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