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snack video

Category ; Video

LanguageEnglish;  44 more

Author; Snack Video

Size; 54.98MB

Downloads; 5,834,053

Date; May 12th,

SHA; 25683f1f84fd075cfaca59e876a63429529886e7163ef8d16bb06f27e140ccf0318

Architecture ; armeabi-v7a

Content; Rating+12

Post and watch small videos on the Snack video platform

Snack Video is a social network Apk app (similar to likee and TikTok) that lets you make and watch a bunch of small snack videos that you can share with other social networks and users. The interface might remind you quite a bit of another famous Japanese and Chinese app. All you have to do is to browse the snack video app and find the content that interests you the most. It’s that very easy.

Snack Video’s main screen includes a bouquet of snack video that has been uploaded by someone of the most famous and popular people on this social network. On the other hand, you can also segment the posts uploaded by people who are close or those following you. In this case, you’ll only watch small videos in a horizontal and vertical format, and in more cases, they’re accompanied by the latest song or DJ sound that you can also click.

Another main selling whole of the Snack Video app is that it involves a top user-friendly video editor that you can use to post your videos. You have to do is to record a video or add it directly to music from your smartphone’s gallery. Plus, you’ll find it really easy to add the most popular songs to your video while also decorating it with eye-catching filters.

Snack Video is a true complete app where millions of people upload their small videos to share them with the rest of the community. Everything under a well-organized interface that suppose you search by latest theme so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.


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