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The free version of WhatsApp for online web browsers

WhatsApp for online Web Chat is a free version of the popular chat / messaging app WhatsApp that lets you chat with your contacts from your computer browser.

You can install it on any browser – except Internet Explorer. It’s almost a direct copy of the mobile app, so its use is a piece of cake. what is apk apps and how to used apk apps

Chat with your friends from your Internet browser

How can you open the WhatsApp for online Web
WhatsApp for online


The WhatsApp for online web messaging app is a version of the WhatsApp application that lets you access your WhatsApp account from an Internet browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. how  to used app fountain

How can you open the WhatsApp Web?

Opening the WhatsApp Web was not easy. The WhatsApp web is not downloaded, so you do not need to install anything. Here’s how to open the WhatsApp Web:


Open the WhatsApp app on your phone Go to https://web.whatsapp.com Go to the WhatsApp Web in the WhatsApp settings menu on your phone Use your phone to scan the QR code that appears on the WhatsApp Web Your WhatsApp web interface will open automatically WhatsApp web interface

It’s easy to find your way around the WhatsApp web. As soon as the interface opens (after scanning the WhatsApp web), you will see that this is just your normal WhatsApp account,

as it is on the phone. WhatsApp is compatible with what is happening on the web, so it’s best to use Wi-Fi and monitor your battery. Talk to your phone and you’ll see it appear in the WhatsApp web interface and vice versa.

How to use the WhatsApp Web

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what is apk apps

The app couldn’t be easier to use. The WhatsApp web is not logged in – as you scan, you sign in. To chat with a specific contact, just click on their name and you’ll be able to write them as usual, including all the images and stickers.

You will also be able to share photos and documents stored on your computer for chat. If you allow the WhatsApp to access the camera, you will also be able to take pictures in the chat through the webcam. Unlike previous versions of the app,

you may now be able to do new things, such as start group chats and add documents, but if you get used to the mobile app, you may find the WhatsApp Web a bit limited. How? Well, for starters, you can’t make video or phone calls,

back up your chats or share your location. It also looks a bit naked – though it’s a personal preference if it’s pro or talk.

How do you use the WhatsApp web on mobile?

You cannot use the WhatsApp Web on your mobile phone – if you want the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone you will open the mobile app. Before you can access the WhatsApp Web, you need to install the WhatsApp app on your phone. It’s also not a desktop client –

it’s also a separate app. The WhatsApp Web is great for when you are working or online. An important limitation

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are using the WhatsApp Web. First of all, as we said above, this is a web app, not a desktop client. If you close your tab or window, you will need to go through the entire Open Phone app, get a QR code, and scan again.

Is this an essential app?

If you are clear about what the WhatsApp for online Web is and what it is, this might be a really handy tool for you. Use in addition to your phone and you will increase the WhatsApp utility

you do not have to move the phone from the computer to continue your conversation. Remember though – this is a WhatsApp app, so it is owned by Facebook. This can hurt some people, so if they are you, the WhatsApp Web might not be the best choice.

A basic tool that performs a task well

The WhatsApp for online Web does a good job, but it does not have anything connected. If you’re using an app sitting next to your phone, this works well. You can chat without leaving the browser, but, if you need something,

you can pick up your phone to add details. If you’re looking for a new app, alternative to WhatsApp, or a full-featured messaging app, you should look elsewhere.

What’s new WhatsApp for online

This version of  WhatsApp for the online Web lets you create new groups and share photos and documents through the browser. However, no other major changes have been made, and this is still a great app. WhatsApp for online

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