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WhatsApp Web App for PC

Finally: The most popular messaging for the WhatsApp app on mobile has come up for PC use. Whatsapp web users can integrate their Android / Windows / Blackberry device with their PC,

and have free conversations with their friends and family. However, since this app relies on users installing WhatsApp with users with an active smartphone, some people will not yet be able to benefit from this app (avoid sites that offer you such an app. Because no such app exists).

iPhone users will also be disappointed to learn that App Store rules prevent this app from connecting to WhatsApp servers. As such, the app cannot be authenticated online and cannot be used with a PC (users with Mac Android devices,

on the other hand) can use it. WhatsApp is easy to set up and completely free on your PC. The interface is very user-friendly and smooth, and the messages for WhatsApp are encrypted too. The new desktop version is available for Windows 8+ and Mac OS 10.9.

Although WhatsApp for PC does not support video or audio calls at this time, we are confident that developers are developing patches to overcome this minor error.

what is whatapp web
WhatsApp web

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So you’re chatting with your friend on the WhatsApp, but you’ll have to work on your computer. Sure, you should probably remove your phone and end this article, the client reports,

but we all know that you are not going to do this. Worse, constantly switching between your phone and computer is a hassle, and only makes you more upset. Instead, compromise and get the WhatsApp on your computer instead.

The WhatsApp first launched its own web app for desktops in 2015, but I still often find that people aren’t familiar with this feature – perhaps because it’s a bit off and The WhatsApp does not specifically promote it. Thankfully, rolling the ball only takes a few seconds.

The steps are as follows:

Go to web dotwetsapp.com
Open the WhatsApp app on your phone, and go to your chat list.
Tap the menu button, and select WhatsApp Web.
Point your phone at the QR code of the website. The scan should only take a second or more.
You’re in!

Alternatively, if you expect to use WhatsApp often on your PC, you can get a Mac or PC app, which is basically a different kind of web app downloadable.

Once logged in, you can access most of the same features on your phone, including status updates (WhatsApp version of stories), voice clips, and sending photos and documents. It’s amazingly robust for a web app.

The warning is that all your messages are sent through your phone. For this feature to work, your phone needs to be turned on and connected to the web – you will not be able to continue the conversation if your phone’s battery is depleted. The WhatsApp also limits the number of devices that you can log into.

This is done to keep your messages safe, as apart from backups, they are only saved on people’s devices in a conversation. There are rumors that WhatsApp is going to change that and work on a compatible desktop app that runs independently of your phone, but there is no official word yet.

The web-based application is built with WhatsApp Mobile which sends encrypted MMS messages.
When it comes to messaging services – WhatsApp is the king of the castle.

But if there was something that made the software even better. What made it more organized, convenient and user-friendly? Thankfully, there it is. And that’s some WhatsApp web.

The WhatsApp web sinks into the MMS game, allowing users to sync their WhatsApp accounts directly from their laptops and PCs. Users simply search the WhatsApp Web through search engines, then load the bar code.

Let’s wait After the burden of repeated code, the WhatsApp launches a simple snap transfer of code from within the mobile camera. The process is then verified within seconds, giving users access to the full list of messages and contacts in their PC or Mac.

After logging into this service, users can take full advantage of the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) by sending texts, photos, videos, documents, and audio files. Almost all of the WhatsApp mobile features can be found on the web –

with the exception of only video and audio calls. But who really wants to make a call from their computer, except Tony Stark?

Get the WhatsApp Web today and stay in touch with family and friends easier than ever.


● Data-free communication – Login to the WhatsApp web from any Wi-Fi location to start chatting with friends and family now. Easily connect your PC to any nearby Wi-Fi network to make switching from the WhatsApp mobile to the web to save mobile data.

● PC capable instant messaging. Always tired of accessing your phone while working at a computer? Forget your worries from the WhatsApp Web, where a simple bar code scan gives you full access to all your messages and topics.

Send and receive content media content – Send and receive media content, photos, videos, audio clips, and more. WhatsApp offers nothing but web video and audio calling, giving users all the same features as the mobile version.

Switch to the WhatsApp Web today and see how relieving your phone can be.

The WhatsApp Web for Microsoft Windows and Mac is available through all major browsers except Internet Explorer.


WhatsApp for PC is connected to your mobile phone number: The Windows version of the WhatsApp uses your phone to authorize your account. During setup, you will be prompted to use the QR Scanner in the WhatsApp app on your phone to scan the QR code on your computer.

Once set up, you can use your phone or computer for chats, including the WhatsApp app identifying you and your contacts with everything synced between devices. As well. (Interestingly, while the official app’s name is WhatsApp Web, you don’t use the WhatsApp web client or web browser for chats but WhatsApp application for PCs.)

Individual and group chats: Meet one-on-one with anyone on your contact list. You can group chat with up to 256 family members and friends, and select members as group organizers.

You can exchange videos and photos, take a picture and send photos, share documents, record voice messages, add stickers, and use your WhatsApp contacts using the WhatsApp camera. Send contact information from the list.

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Not every feature found in the mobile version includes: Unlike the mobile version of WhatsApp Messenger, you cannot make an individual voice or video call through the WhatsApp desktop app.

Facebook Data Concerns: In light of news about how Facebook has retained and not protected its users’ data, WhatsApp users may be justified in worrying about it. How WhatsApp is protecting its account information. (The decision to leave the WhatsApp founder’s company on Facebook’s security concerns may not help alleviate privacy concerns.)

In a recent update to our Terms of Service, WhatsApp stated that “Facebook is looking to improve your Facebook product experience or provide you with more relevant Facebook advertising experiences on Facebook. WhatsApp does not use account information. ”

Follow the downloads on Twitter to keep up with the latest app news.

Follow the downloads on Twitter to keep up with the latest app news.
Follow the downloads on Twitter to keep up with the latest app news.

Other chat apps offer end-to-end encryption without Facebook stuff: WhatsApp offers much less than you can find in other secure messaging apps. If you need to be on the WhatsApp to chat with someone, that’s fine.

But if you’re looking for a secure and usable chat app, you can find more – and better – and open source signal communication services, including the help of an open-wiper system that lets you go from end to end. It allows you to pause encrypted text up to. , Voice, and video chats for free.

Bottom line

Windows is an easy way to keep in touch with Windows, family, and friends that you use the app even when you’re away from your phone. The PC version lacks some of the features found in the mobile app, and if privacy is your primary concern, you may want to consider another messaging app tied to Facebook.

Bottom line
Bottom line

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Publisher Statement
From the WhatsApp:
With the WhatsApp, you’ll be able to make fast, easy, secure messaging and calling for free * on the phone worldwide. Our desktop app is an extension of your phone: the app is a mirror of conversations and messages from your mobile device.

Since the app runs locally on your desktop, you’ll get support for desktop native notifications, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Download the app from your desktop browser. Then, open the app and scan the QR code on your phone using the WhatsApp app (look for the WhatsApp web menu under Settings).

Like the WhatsApp Web, the new desktop app lets you message with friends and family while your phone is in your pocket.

WhatsApp Desktop

One of the biggest problems with the WhatsApp Web is that you’ll need to run a compatible browser to use it on your computer. Fortunately, this completely independent desktop client version is easy to run in your window and has all the features of a web version.

whatsapp desktop
WhatsApp desktop

Just like the web browser version, you also need to synchronize your program with your cellphone by scanning a QR code that you can do in the WhatsApp app of your smartphone. Just tap the Whatsapp Web labeled icon in the apps bar of this app. After that, all of your conversations,

sessions, and contacts will be synchronized and you’ll have the chance to interact with them from your computer without any hassle.

When managing groups, sending and receiving messages allows you to use a camera connected to your desktop (if one is available) so you can send videos and photos you take. You will need to install and run it on your Android or iOS to use it on your desktop.

Free Download Whatsapp Web for Windows PC

Download WhatsApp Web Application for Windows-based PCs. Run WhatsApp Messenger (32 bit, 64 bit) on Windows 7, 8 and10.

WhatsApp Web for Windows PC: Product Overview:

Download WhatsApp Web Application for Windows-based PCs. Run WhatsApp Messenger (32 bit, 64 bit) on Windows 7, 8 and10.
whatsapp for pc

WhatsApp is a well-known messenger built to deliver reliable text messaging and voice call service in HD quality. The choice for millions of people, simply because it has a file sharing service under its free use and file data plan.

You probably have a lot of friends on Messenger that you need to have regular conversations over voice calls or chats, but the purpose of this application was just to provide the said stuff on Android phones and tablets right now.

There was something left that needed to be done. Constantly user-seeking developers have decided to release WhatsApp for Windows (WhatsApp Web), citing the application’s availability with all services on their computer desktops, and it is literally available to Windows 7, 8 and 10 users.

Available for The process is to follow, sending out messages based on an extension that is essentially a great synchronization between your computer and smartphone. In this way, messaging can be started and controlled from both devices and can be viewed from a web application as well as a desktop or laptop.

For the convenience of users, communication can be done without creating a separate account for the web app, but a mobile account is sufficient to do so.

Over time, emulators need to run or run an Android app on a computer such as BlueStack, but this is nothing short of difficult to download and go after any third-party application. Considering that it could use some disk space.

And set up CPU cycles for operation. Amazingly WhatsApp Web is easy to use and intuitive UI friendly application that does not require outsourced programs. The application is compatible with Android, Windows 8, iPhone 8.1, iPhone 8.1, Nokia smartphones and BlackBerry devices.

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